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The guesthouse

puce Le Petit Schelishans is nestled in Oberschaeffolsheim, a small village of 2000 inhabitants, not far from Strasbourg. It is located not far from the wine trail and the beautiful bike path alongside the canal « La Bruche », linking Strasbourg to small villages in the countryside of Alsace.

Enter this old Alsatian farm in the heart of the old town and enjoy its rustic setting, traditional calm and peaceful atmosphere. After spending days mopping, have a coffee break, or take place in the kiosk or in the garden, under the shade of the trees to read.

The « Stub » (living room in Alsatian) welcomes you for breakfast, but also for moments of conviviality with the owners and other guests enjoying the gentle warmth of the "kacheloffe", a ceramic stove.

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The village

puce Oberschaeffolsheim is an Alsatian village marked by history with its beautiful old farms, its half-timbered houses, its stork nest. Switching between french and german cultures, Alsace's identity is genuinely strong!

puce History:

Since the beginning of its history which dates back to 788 with the first name Schaftofesheim, our village was subjected to numerous changes. Due to the political, economic issues and to its location, many conflicts occured.

Until the mid-seventeenth century, Alsace was part of the Germanic Empire. In 1648, it became french but because of the war between France and Germany, in 1870, it turns again on the German side.
During World War I, the young people of Oberschaeffolsheim enrolled in the German army. Then finally, in 1918, Alsace became French again. antonio bertola birthday

However, this belonging was short-lived: in 1939, the region is once again occupied by the neighboring nation. During this war, an Italian prisoner, Antonio Bertola, is sent to the Petit Schelishans to work in the fields and take care of horses. Since 1945, Alsace and our village are permanently attached to France.

Today, with its small school, its nice church, its inevitables storks, its city hall park, and its quiet bike path, our little village has a typical regional charm and welcomes you with open arms!

Oberschaeffolsheim former main treet
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bike path