Take a tour in our traditional guest rooms near Strabourg, Alsace.

puce Discover regional talents... Five rooms, five alsacian artists, five different worlds ... They all mean a lot to us.

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puce Each guest room has been given the name of an artist. Tomi Ungerer, Hans Arp, Raymond Emile Waydelich, Gutenberg and Emerence.

This is the response of the fan to the artist: common understanding and shared sensations. Paul admires those alsatian artists. They were all raised in Alsace ... apart from Gutenberg, who was just passing through. Without him, Voltaire would not have write his famous declaration to the countess of Lutzelbourg: "I want to become alsatian for you, the end of my life would thus be softer".

Spot the deliberate mistake: Emerence's grandmother, whom Paul promoted to an artist, was born in the castle of Walbach in 1895 but her name does not appear in any art catalogue. You will not find any of her works in Strasbourg Museums. Why? Actually, all of them were dispersed.

Tell us which one do you like best: Emerence, Hans, Raymond, Tomi or Gutenberg?

See you soon in Strasbourg surroundings ,in Alsace for a timeless night in the guest room of your choice