KammerzellKammerzell house house

puce Just take a moment to observe this true icon of Strasbourg, which dates from 1427, and see how the prestige of the past links in very well with a continued, yet reinvented, tradition of gastronomy.
Explore the different floors and let yourself be charmed by the Kammerzell house : its magnificent rooms decorated by Léo Schnug, its warm and spacious lounges, and its unique view on the Cathedral.
Whether for a head-to-head dinner or for a meal with friends, you will feel so well in this cosy place that you will be willing to stay all the night...

Le Buerehiesel

puce This old Alsatian farm dates from 1607 and was transported to the park piece by piece for the international industrial exhibition of 1895, of which it is the last remaining vestige.Viviane and Antoine Westermann bought the Buerehiesel in 1970 and transformed the place to build its reputation from strength to strength over the years.

The Buerehiesel is unique as it transports you into to different worlds. Thus, you can ring the changes of pleasure and choose the room where the atmosphere is best suited to your lunch or dinner.

Le Château de L'Ile

puce The doors of one of Le Château de L'Ile's restaurants are opened : the Asszimmer. In this beautiful dining room facing onto the terrace and the wooded banks of the Ill, you will enjoy the warm and tasteful atmosphere of a nineteenth century bourgeois house. The flavoursome and sophisticated cuisine work in perfect harmony with the careful decoration.
sauerkraut dish boeuf gros sel dish  kougelhopf dish

Chez Yvonne

puce The winstub “Chez Yvonne” is very close to the cathedral of Strasbourg, in the heart of the old town, and is located in a picturesque little street. It is surrounded with old Alsacian houses with pitched roofs covered with little tiles and half of the timbered facades is embellished with red geranium in summer.

The winstub “Chez Yvonne” is above all a magical and very charming house in which each “Stub” (each room) exhales its own intimacy, give off a feeling of warmth and well-being. Wherever you may sit, whatever bench you get, it feels like home.